School Staff

Inga Dabašinskaitė – Head of School

With the help and and encouragement by Mr.Miksys (President of Lithuanian American Community of Washington) Inga founded Linas Lithuanian Heritage School in 2012. She works as the Head of School, Lithuanian language teacher, and a substitute teacher. Inga appreciates the opportunity to be part of the school and Lithuanian community. She has a daughter who also attends the school.

Inga majored in speech therapy and special education from Pedagogical Institute of Šiauliai. She worked as a speech therapist in preschool and school in Šiauliai and Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2003 Inga moved to Seattle and began her career as a preschool teacher. She later transitioned as a paraeducator and currently works as a special ed teacher at an elementary school.


Irena Blekys – History Teacher




Tonya Floria – Teacher

Tonya Floria is a lifelong member of the community including dancing with Lietutis as well as presiding as the current Daughters of Lithuania President. Tonya and husband Artūras have a 2.5 year old daughter named Liepa who will be joining the class Tonya and Izabelė will teach.

Tonya will assist in the regular “Pagrandukiai” (0-3) class and then plan some informal hiking/outings that are toddler/preschool age friendly throughout the year as well. She really enjoys spending time with kids this age, including having taught a preschool class for several years and nannying for several years beyond that. Tonya looks forward to spending time with school children this coming year.

Eglė Haight – Teacher






Jūratė Harrison – Teacher

Jūratė teaches Lithuanian language and literature to “Dzūkai” group.  She is a painter and has lived in Seattle 24 years. This summer Jūratė and husband visited Lithuania. They enjoyed their time in Palanga, Kaunas, Bitėnai and Vilnius.

“Dzūkai” group is for 13-15 year old students. They learn communication, Lithuanian language and literature, reading and grammar.

Izabelė Jasutytė – Teacher

“Pagrandukai” group is for the youngest learners of 0-3 years old, and no it is not too early to learn the language. In fact, that’s when the most natural language learning happens. That is why I love teaching this group. Little kids absorb so much and they learn without us even realizing it. I got interested in teaching Lithuanian language when I had my own two boys. It is fascinating how little kids learn the language just by hearing it all the time. Pagrandukai group runs on an immersion principal, you and your children will hear only Lithuanian language in the class. We incorporate Lithuanian songs, reading books, games, nursery rhymes and movement to feel the rhythm of the language and lay the foundation for the future language learning.

Nomeda Lukoševičienė – Ethnography Teacher

Asta Vaičekonienė – Teacher




Taura Vaštakas – Teacher





Eglė Žurauskaitė – Teacher





Inga Bladžius – PTA

I joined Linas school as assistant teacher for “Pagrandukai” group when my son Aidan was 2.5 back in 2013. During last two years I’ve been substituting for “Zemaiciai” class and I am a member of our great PTA team. From the very beginning my experience at Linas school has been exceptional and I enjoy sharing this journey with others. I am very proud of our school and I believe that it is a shining example of what every Lithuanian heritage school should be like.

Lina Lavickienė – PTA

Lina, a mom of  two school students, Sandra and Lukas, enjoys being part of Linas Lithuanian Heritage School. As she says, it is a pleasure to be involved and help with organizing school activities, and assist where assistance needed. Lina believes that children attending the school have this great opportunity to improve their language skills, learn about Lithuanian history and traditions, listen to interesting stories told by amazing teachers and individuals with so much passion and love to Lithuanian traditions and culture, and most importantly – find passion and love for their Lithuanian heritage themselves!